What is the relationship between science, art and urban design?

by Charles Montgomery on

This summer Omar Dominguez, Happy City’s director of operations and sustainability, had an opportunity to explore this question while entertaining and inspiring an enthusiastic audience in Vancouver’s happy Commercial Drive neighbourhood. The Curiosity Collider brings together researchers, visual and performing artists, passionate educators, and entrepreneurs who share a curiosity for science. Continue reading

Marten presents at Pecha Kucha Vancouver

by Marten Sims on

This Fall, Happy City Senior design and engagement specialist Marten Sims was invited to present at Pecha Kucha Night Vancouver on the topic ‘Our Bright Green Future’. Along with eleven other speakers and music by Rae Spoon. Through a visual, rapid-talking, fumble-inducing talk, Marten addressed a sold-out Vogue Theatre crowd in downtown Vancouver. In 6 minutes and 40 seconds he somehow managed to squeeze in a talk about the relationship between happiness… Continue reading

Walking Towards a Happy City

by Editor on

In an interview leading up to Walk21 in Vienna this October, Charles says, “We all agree that walkability is the goal. The question is: How can we create places that make walking feel wonderful, rather than a chore? It’s about more than just making space for pedestrians. We have got to understand the ways that streets, sidewalks, architecture and other systems affect how we feel and move.” The Walk21 conference is the premier… Continue reading

The Urbanist Pope

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If we want to save the planet, we have got to change the way we live in cities.

This urgent cause requires more than peer-reviewed studies. It demands a call to action that appeals to people’s deepest values. The planet’s estimated 1.2 billion Catholics got just that call to action from their Pope this spring.

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Happy Hours with Happy Cities: July 9 at the MOV

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Join Happy City’s Charles Montgomery and community activist/developer Mark Shieh on July 9 for Happy Hours, part of a series of “fun and brainy talks” at the Museum of Vancouver. The event features drink specials and a visit to the museum’s Stefan Sagmeister: The Happy Show exhibit. Guests will learn how they can become “design activists” who can make cities happier, more social places. We were happy to see this event profiled in the Power and Influence Magazine Summer 2015 Edition.

Happy City Heroes Feature
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