Why cities need streets activists now

by Charles Montgomery on

‘Our cities are malleable. They can change. And all of us can play a part in that change.’ The activists at New York City’s Transportation Alternatives are among the greatest of urban heroes. These guys proved that smart activists can totally transform a city. So it was a special pleasure to sit down for a chat with Transalt scribe Graham Beck to talk about the intersection of design, happiness and livable streets activism.… Continue reading

Choosing the Happy City (video)

by Charles Montgomery on

Behavioural economists have demonstrated that when it comes to maximizing utility–or what you and I might call happiness–we constantly fail to make the best decisions. We get it wrong as individuals, as city-builders, and as politicians. As my own region teetered on the brink of making some bad decisions, I had a chance to reflect on how we might choose a happier urban future, as part of TransLink/SFU ‘Rethinking Transportation’… Continue reading

Machines for Happiness

by Seth Geiser on

By Seth Geiser Can art and design make us kinder? Can we design more trust or altruism into the city? These are questions everyone can help answer. Working with the Museum of Vancouver, we challenged students from Simon Frasier University’s School of Interactive Art and Technology (SIAT), Emily Carr University of Art and Design (ECUAD), and Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) to create design interventions that would test or boost feelings… Continue reading