Happier by design

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Like many American cities, West Palm Beach is facing challenges of rapid growth, inequality, and environmental discomfort. But urban design can be part of the solution. Our research has found that certain places have the power to improve human feelings and behavior. So we were thrilled to win the research competition for Shore to Core, a research competition led by Van Alen Institute and the West Palm Beach Community Redevelopment Agency. The… Continue reading

Groundbreaking happy streets experiment coming to Vancouver!

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Around the world, city streets are being transformed into better places to walk, socialize and celebrate. People are trading dead street edges and dangerous asphalt for vibrant sidewalks, parklets and plazas that are expressions of new ideas about human happiness. But how do these changes influence the way we feel and treat other people? If we want to keep these wonderful spaces, we need evidence about how these interventions influence… Continue reading

The Happy City Experiment with Q Ideas

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"The Happy Cities Experiment" – Omar Dominguez from Regent College on Vimeo. Omar Dominguez, Happy City’s Director of Operations and Sustainability, shared our ideas on the Happy City experiment in an engaging talk at Regent College. This talk was part of the first-ever Q Commons event in Vancouver, and was held on September 24, 2015. Q Commons, an event organized by Q Ideas based in New York City, convenes local leaders… Continue reading

Happy Hours with Happy Cities: July 9 at the MOV

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Join Happy City’s Charles Montgomery and community activist/developer Mark Shieh on July 9 for Happy Hours, part of a series of “fun and brainy talks” at the Museum of Vancouver. The event features drink specials and a visit to the museum’s Stefan Sagmeister: The Happy Show exhibit. Guests will learn how they can become “design activists” who can make cities happier, more social places. We were happy to see this event profiled in the Power and Influence Magazine Summer 2015 Edition.

Happy City Heroes Feature
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